Your personnel agency for skilled nursing staff in care facilities

The application process is extraordinarily time-consuming and cost-intensive. In addition, the job market for specialists in the nursing field is currently very tight. Therefore, as a full-service personnel agency, we are happy to support you in the search for and recruitment of well-qualified personnel.

An overview of our portfolio:

Due to our ongoing advertising for nursing professionals, we receive numerous applications. Each application is reviewed. If the professional and language qualifications are suitable, we speak personally with the applicant and request the relevant documents for review. If all our requirements are met, we take the application process away from the candidate.

Our service includes the compilation of all relevant application documents. If required, a CV with all important information is prepared as well as a short profile about our personal assessment of the applicant. We make the documents available to our partners.

If an employer expresses interest in a candidate, we organize an interview and, if necessary, a trial day. This also includes that the candidate arrives early, gets an overnight accommodation and has all important information about the employer.

For foreign applicants, the official requirements are often incomprehensible. We therefore support each applicant in dealing with the authorities. We also organize a “day with the authorities” before the start of the job, during which we take care of all the important registrations (residents’ registration office, bank, health insurance, foreigners’ registration office). The new employee should be able to concentrate on his or her new job right from the start.

We know from experience that new employees still need support during the initial period. These are mainly administrative issues that we solve together. We also take care of other issues over a period of twelve months; it is important for us that the new employees integrate quickly and well in Germany.

Since recruitment collects a great deal of data from applicants, it is essential for us to conclude framework agreements with all our partners. These not only regulate the general business conditions, but also ensure that data protection is strictly adhered to.

It is very difficult to find affordable housing. If you are unable to provide the new employee with housing, or if you are temporarily unable to provide housing, we will assist candidates in finding housing.

In three steps to your nursing specialist


Together we determine your individual needs.


You will receive up to three suitable personnel proposals from us.


You select the candidate and we take care of the recruitment.