Together into a trusting future

Do you have a degree as a specialist in geriatric or nursing care? Then apply for a job with us. We will support you in finding a job in Germany. If you come from abroad, we will advise you whether your degrees and experience are sufficient.

Requirements for a successful application

For a successful application you need a resume. We will gladly help you with the preparation of a resume. Your certificates must be in German. In the following section we present you which requirements there are for translations and which documents we need from you.

Our service from the application to the start of work

Here you will find important information about certain procedures during the application phase. For applicants from third countries, we are the point of contact during the entire recognition phase.

Application process

After you contact us the first time (usually by email), we will contact you to set up a

  • to arrange a preliminary interview via Skype. Here we check the information in your resume and, if necessary, your German language skills. We suggest various jobs based on your qualifications. After all documents are complete, we start the application process.
  • If an employer is interested, we will organize an interview and/or a trial day in consultation with you. The costs for travel and overnight stay(s) are covered.
  • If the application is successful, the employer will issue an employment contract. Depending on the institution, this can take between one and four weeks. For applicants from third countries, a bilingual employment contract will also be issued.
  • Once the start of work is fixed, accommodation is reserved and, if necessary, visits to the authorities are planned.

For applicants from third countries:

  • Applicants from third countries have to hand in the German contract and the bilingual contract with further documents (see approval process) to the employment agency in their home country in order to get the approval of the Central Placement Office (ZAV).
  • If the approval from the ZAV has been received, the application for a visa can be applied for online at the associated German Embassy.
  • As soon as the visa is granted, the journey to Germany is arranged. The accommodation is then already reserved. Before the first working day, a joint official day is held (see official day).
  • For applicants, we will jointly submit the application for recognition within the first few weeks of starting work.

Authorities Day

For applicants from abroad, we organize an official day before the start of work, during which we take care of all the important formalities. This includes:

  • Visit to the employer
  • Signing the lease
  • Registration with the municipality/city
  • Opening a bank account
  • Registration with the health insurance company
  • if required by the employer – conclusion of a liability insurance policy
  • if required by the employer – appointment with the company doctor

Consent process

What is an approval process? The Central Foreign and Specialist Placement Office in Cologne (ZAV) examines every employment contract of workers from third countries. They must not be in a worse position than German employees with comparable qualifications. The ZAV cooperates with the employment agencies of the third countries. The documents listed below must be submitted there. It is important to know that the agencies send the documents to Cologne at the end of the month. So do not miss the deadline! The review process then usually takes 5-6 weeks until the approval notice is issued.

Here are the documents that must be submitted to the employment agency:

  • Original of the German employment contract
  • if available, original of the bilingual employment contract
  • Resume in german
  • German translation of the diploma (certified by a recognized court interpreter)
  • German translation of the professional examination (certified by a recognized court interpreter)
  • Copy of passport (first and last page)
  • Two passport photos
  • B1 certificate

If a bilingual employment contract is not available, ZAV will request it from the new employer.

Request for recognition

Here is an overview of the documents that are required with some hints:

  • Resume
  • Copy of passport
  • Birth certificate original or copy
  • If applicable, marriage certificate in the original or as a copy
  • Copy of the employment contract
  • In the case of applications from abroad, a declaration of intent that an activity will be taken up in Germany
  • Power of attorney for the APV to represent the applicant with the government (simplifies the application process).
  • Copy of original diploma in local language incl. translation of the original diploma*
  • Copy of the original diploma in the local language incl. translation of the original diploma*
  • Copy of all original school certificates in local language incl. translation of original school reports*
  • Copy of the original subject listing in national language incl. translation of the original subject listing*
  • Copy of the original professional exam in local language incl. translation of the original professional exam*
  • Copy of the original internship certificate in local language incl. translation of the original proof of internship*
  • Copy of original employer’s reference in local language incl. translations of the original work certificates*
  • Language certificate B1 or B2 (B2 can be submitted later)
Documents marked with * must be translated by a recognized and sworn court interpreter established in the EU. If the translation was done in a third country (Vietnam, Philippines, ...), please refer to the item "Requirements for translations from abroad" below on the page.